Welcome to website of FrutasBiMar!

The activities of our company, during already 13 years, is the export of fruit and vegetables from Spain. The main markets for us are the Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Baltic countries.

Our suppliers is directly producers and the largest agro companies Spain, long-term cooperation, which allows us to offer competitive prices even in comparison with them.

The supply of quality products is the basis of company policy. Every shipment passes under the watchful eye of our staff who control the quality, styling, packaging, proper loading of goods. In each vehicle we are laying thermographs for temperature monitoring.

We engaged only wholesales of 20 tons. This minimum volume may consist of different types of products, but with the possibility of their joint transportation.

Our strategy is not a one-time realization of sale, and the search for stable, reliable and regular buyers for fruitful cooperation.