About us

The staff of the company "Frutas BiMar 2008" SL are working in Spain since 2003. Before 2008, we have been working as part of the largest exporters of Spain, and in 2008 separated into an independent commercial unit. Our business - wholesale supplies of fresh fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits in different regions of Europe

The basis of successful work "Frutas BiMar 2008" SL - The constant control of product quality, timely fulfillment of commitments, support for a wide range of goods, flexible pricing.

Our priorities in work are export quality products, long-term relationships with suppliers and importers based on mutual trust. We are always happy to cooperate, open to new ideas and we value its word. We will be glad to see you among our customers!

How to find us

We are situated in the south-east of Spain, in the province of Almeria, which is the main supplier of fruits and vegetables to Europe. Almeria an ulterior motive is the leading exporters - is the only European desert area with an arid climate, with his sun and scorching heat. Sunny days are here for a year is the average of 365 320. Such specific climate allows to realize advanced technologies of cultivation in greenhouses.

The province is located on the Mediterranean coast and is adjacent to the nature reserve Cabo de Gata Nijar, cataloged by UNESCO as a World Biological Reserve, providing a healthy, clean environment that make it a perfect place for rural and economic activities.